Our goal

Our goal is to carry out informational, cultural, artistic, and promotional tasks towards the local Polish and Irish community as well as other local communities, and to support personal development through contact with art - for children, youth, and adults.

We operate as a non-profit.

We intend to achieve our goal through running:

  • a Polish library,
  • a place for artistic and developmental activities.

The aim of our activities is:

  • activating the community, especially the Polish community, in the field of culture and art,
  • comprehensive social and personal development of children, youth, and adults based on contact with art,
  • organizing cultural meetings, promoting literary and artistic creativity,
  • propagating Polish culture, literature, and traditions.

We achieve our goals by:

  • creating a collection of Polish books,
  • promoting books and reading among children and adults,
  • promoting reading as a form of personal development,
  • organizing meetings, exhibitions, and competitions,
  • organizing artistic and developmental classes and workshops,
  • promoting a healthy and active lifestyle,
  • developing contacts and cooperation with local organizations.