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ABC EduLibrary – Polish Library in Cork

Only Reader’s Card holders will have access to our library

  • Members fee is €20 yearly
  • To become Reader’s Card holder you have to present an ID/Passport with a photo, a confirmation of the address (a bill for gas/electricity or Rental Agreement) and fill in a declaration
  • Should any changes occur, you have to update your data the next time you come to the library
  • You can only use your own Reader’s Card.


  • Reader can borrow up to 5 items for a 4 weeks loan period
  • When borrowing, the Reader will be informed about due return date
  • Reader can ask for renewal
  • If the Reader does not return or renew a book after the return date, there is overdue fine, 10 cent for each day

Book collection security

  • Borrowed books are due to be protected from loss or damage
  • It is Reader’s responsibility to check the book’s condition
  • Should the Reader notice any damages on a book, he/she should inform the staff about it this fact while borrowing, in which case it will be noted down
  • If library staff notices changes in condition of a book on its return, it will be understood as Reader’s responsibility.