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ABC EduLibrary – Polish Library not only for Polish

We are an open and accessible Polish library with over 8000 books.

We collect literature in Polish and English and make it accessible. We have a vast collection of belles lettres: classical, adventure and historic; biographies and diaries. Our collection of popular science books contains sections: philosophy, psychology and pedagogy; art, history, geography, medicine, hobby, household. We have books about addictions, therapy and personal development.

Books for children and teenagers are divided into sections: fairy tales and poems /for the youngest/, literature for children and literature for teenagers. We also offer compulsory school readings.
Our readers can use our reference library, which contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, albums and a few books about Poland.

Reader has a right:

  1. not to read
  2. to browse books
  3. to stop reading and to leave the book forever
  4. to read the same books again
  5. to read what they wants
  6. to escape reality by reading
  7. to read anywhere
  8. to read aloud
  9. to relocte book
  10. to have their own reading taste and choices, even if they are inexplicable