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ABC EduLibrary – Polish Library not only for Polish

Our mission is  to impementation of information, cultural, artistic and promotional tasks for local Polish and Irish society as well as other local societies, and to support personal development through contact with arts for children, teenagers and adults.)

We operate non-profit.

We want to reach our aim by creating among others:

  1. Polish library
  2. Art and development activity place

The aim of our activity is:

  • to activate especially  Polish environment in the area of art and culture
  • versatile social and personal development for children, teenagers and adults, based on contact with art
  • to organize cultural meeting, to promote literature and art
  • to promote Polish culture, literature and traditions.

We carry out our aim through:

  • creating Polish library as well as collecting books in other languages
  • encouragement of reading books among children and adults
  • propagating reading as a form of personal development
  • organizing meetings, exhibitions and competitions
  • organizing art classes and workshops, personal development classes and psychological education meetings
  • propagating healthy and active lifestyle
  • developing contacts and cooperation with other organizations.