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We offer chess classes and developing chess-playing skills.
Playing chess creats situations which develop memory, associating skills and ability to focus. Participating in these classes will allow children to push their limits and realise that they can do more; it will allow children make their own choices and experience their consequences.

Saturdays 1pm – 3pm

ChessBoard Cork

Polish Playgroup

Regular meeting for children and their carers. They comprise elements of working with a book, reading aloud, music-rythmic-movement games and arts and crafts. The topics of meetings is related to changing seasons, popular festive periods and everyday actions.

Saturday 10-11.30 am

Na Wyspach Bergamutach


Mornings with movies for childrens. You can wach : Reksio, Krecik, Bolek i Lolek, Zaczarowany ołówek, Muminki … and more …

Every 1st  Sunday 11-11.30 am


support your child’s development, especially intelectual, they teach through fun. Their big advatnage is integration with a group and creating and developing interpersonal bonds. They teach the rules of social communication; they teach hownto win just as mich the the difficult art of losing.

You can borrow our byoardgames and enjoy them at home or enjoy in the library.