We collect and provide access to Polish literature. We have a rich collection of fiction, including works of contemporary, adventure, and historical genres, as well as biographies and memoirs. Our collection of popular science literature includes topics such as philosophy, psychology, and pedagogy, as well as art, history, geography, medicine, hobbies and interests, and home management.

We also have books on addiction, therapy, and personal development. Our collection includes over 14,000 books, 1,500 items in our audiovisual collection, and over 200 board games and educational games.

Literature for children and young adults is divided into categories such as fairy tales and nursery rhymes, books for the youngest readers, and literature for young adults.

On-site, you can use our reference collection, which includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, albums, and some publications related to Poland.


Opening hours

The library is open from 11:00 to 16:00 every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, as well as on the third Sunday of each month.

Rules for Using the Library:

  • The library loans its collections to its members upon prior registration and obtaining a reader card.
  • The membership fee is €30 per year for adults (€15 for children).
  • To obtain a reader card, one must fill out a declaration and present a photo ID, proof of address (e.g. a phone bill).
  • You can only use your own card.
  • A reader can borrow up to 5 books at a time for a period of up to 4 weeks.
  • A reader may request an extension of the loan period.
  • You can use the library's collections on-site without being a member.

Rights of the Reader

The reader has a right to:

  • not read,
  • quickly flip through books,
  • interrupt reading a book and leave it forever,
  • reread the same books,
  • read whatever they want,
  • escape reality by diving into a book,
  • read anywhere,
  • read aloud,
  • skip parts of a book,
  • not justify their own reading preferences and choices.
D. Pennac